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Meet the Voltage River Heroes and Villains

Meet the Voltage River Heroes and Villains

In the first half of the 3rd millennium, the human race was confronted with a choice; continue to waste Earth's resources and at the same time pollute the planet and poison all who live on it, or find ways to reduce waste and eliminate greenhouse gases.

All reports looked grim as many people were not convinced that there was a problem. The gray acid-rain clouds formed as billions in the East pillaged the resources in a rush for riches as the balance of world power switched from the US to China and India.

Just as things looked hopeless a new idea came into view. The idea started small but with the help of a small but mighty team of heroes things began to look brighter. This small band of heroes showed people everywhere how we could coexist with nature and use the abundance of power from the sun to power our factories, and that by using tools and our minds we could reduce our need for power and navigate our world out of the perils of global warming.

The battle has just begun. The stakes are high but our mighty team of energy crime fighters are here to help!!!