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Building Auditing

Building Auditing is core to a successful Energy Efficiency effort. We assess all aspects of a building's health. This includes air quality, temperature, humidity, power consumption, demand consumption, office operations and lighting. Since 9 out of 10 buildings fail to meet fundamental conditions for acceptable comfort and Energy Efficiency, this is top of the list. Average savings at this stage are 10%-40%. Building performance can impact worker productivity, physical plant efficiency (energy and equipment), quality of products produced in the building, and the Return on Investment for the business owner.

This service is the cornerstone to a successful solar installation. Auditing consists of 3 steps:

Step 1 Collect Data- In this step we may temporarily install monitoring equipment that monitors climate, air quality and power usage. This is the least expensive and yet is the most critical as every step builds on this.
Step 2 Analyze- By reviewing your power needs, climate control system, and lighting systems, we can determine the best approach to reduce your load without impacting your workflow.
Step 3 Implement- A successful Energy Audit will identify the proper course of action, dramatically reduce your electric bill, and will ultimately lower the cost of your solar electric system, saving $10.00 for every dollar spent on Energy Efficiency. Many of the strategies we implement will have rebate programs and are extremely low cost or no cost to the building owner/tenant.

System Monitoring

Once your system is installed, you will rest assured that your building is operating at it's optimum every day. This is because our  web-based  management system is watching over your power consumption.
The Bill Chill monitor  is designed specifically for small commercial facilities that have a need for the same services as larger building energy management systems but without the heavy upfront or expensive monthly service fees!!
The system targets any operation where the cost of energy is a pain point but the scale does not support a large investment. The system combines remote control of Air Conditioning systems with remote monitoring of all electrical equipment in a facility to transition energy from a non-controllable to a controllable expense â€" putting you in total control. The system reduces energy costs, helps avoid equipment problems, and delivers a compelling return on investment.
Our remote management system provides a high level of flexibility. From owner level updating to remote offsite management of all key power consuming products in your store.
If your business consists of 1store or multi store locations our management system can scale to meet your needs and give you easy access to each location. Making your utility costs a truly manageable expense.


Our proven system is comprised of several different technologies and practices that in effect create our single energy savings system.
Each product adds to the other to offer our clients a verifiable cost saving and energy saving model.
Our energy cost reduction systems and products will improve your facilities power efficiency, quality and reliability. All our technologies and equipment have undergone extensive research and development.
We will customize a detailed engineering design specifically for your facility with cost savings being first priority.
In addition to all of this, we offer negotiations with your energy providers to explore any possibilities of lowering your cost per unit rates.