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Solar Canopy

The Only Patio Cover that pays for itself !!

Voltage River has been working with Bifacial solar modules (aka; glass backs/ transparent modules) beginning in 2008. Over the years refinements in technology and our installation methods allowed us to deliver increasingly more efficient and cleaner systems. However cost was always a control and every component was specialized making the systems expensive and less attractive to those with an eye on ROI "return on Investment".

Our newest system has truly leaped into creation from all we have learned over the years. Working with our engineer's, industry professionals and others we have now developed the ultimate in solar patio design. The new system is an elegant water tight sturdy structure that is fantastic for Patio Covers (home attached shade covers) or Canopies (free standing structures) at a price point that rivals a traditional solar electric system, and by choosing a Solar Patio Cover you eliminate Tetris style roof layout and messy multi array installations common in most solar electric systems offered today.

Solar Patio Covers and Canopies provide for the perfect blend of functionality beauty and utility. A Solar Patio Cover extends your living area, Provides water tight shade for year round enjoyment, and provides power to the home or business while looking super cool!

30% Solar tax credits and Rebates Extend to Entire Structure further reducing the cost of ownership. If you are considering a patio cover the value is in the shade. If you deploy a solar patio cover your shade is a byproduct of a system that generates electricity for your home or business.

  • Solar canopies pay for themselves by making electricity that powers your home
  • Replace an unmanaged expense with managed power generation
  • Provides high end Architectural design appearance
  • Up to 36% Light Transmission through the solar modules
  • Bifacial Design generates up to 30% more power from the back sheet allowing power production on both sides of the glass
  • Hedge against utility rate increases
  • Dual Benefits of Enlarged Living Space and Solar Power

  • HERO (PACE) approved
  • FHA Power Saver loan approved
  • YGRENE (Pace) approved