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Solar Electric Power Systems

There are many reasons that Solar Electric Systems have become main stream in the last few years. But none are more important to most buyers than costs and return on investment.

To that end one must consider that the average power consumer pays the bill in the rears. In other words you are paying for power that you have already used! What's more is that you have virtually no say as to what the utility company is going to charge for that service.

Purchasing a Solar Power system will provide you clean energy for 35-40 years (the average life of the solar panels) far beyond the last payment you make in buying the machine. This means you are getting ahead of the utility bill , securing your costs and ultimately getting free energy for years to come from the sun.

Of course there are many other reasons to consider a solar electric system: The world desperately needs energy solutions that address problems created by conventional electricity generation. In the United States alone, 50% of all electricity is generated by coal-powered plants, 20% comes from natural gas-powered plants and another 20% is generated by nuclear fission-powered plants. These methods’ negative impacts include:

Should I Buy Or Lease?

Buying a solar solution is ALWAYS a better option here's why: