Welcome to The Voltage River

Voltage River is a boutique energy services company providing energy management solutions to small and medium sized businesses and home owners in California. We work closely with business owners building owners and home owners to develop attractive modern looking solutions that blend in with the environment and add value as well as reduce energy costs.

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This includes air quality, temperature, humidity, power consumption, demand consumption, office operations and lighting. Since 9 out of 10 buildings fail to meet fundamental conditions for acceptable comfort and Energy Efficiency, this is top of the list. Average savings at this stage are 10%-40%.

Our Mission

Voltage River is committed to reducing our customer’s electric bills and providing the fastest Return on Investment (ROI) available on their solar electric system. Our goal is to bring you low cost yet elegant ways to reduce your electric usage by way of energy efficiency measures/ Alternative Energy Solutions and power management.

Our Approach

Working with manufacturers, our engineers at Voltage River have developed core strategies that aid in building analysis, energy reduction and power control. Voltage River provides solar from a client-benefit perspective; we start with Energy Efficiency and offer a cadre of solutions…

Our Team

Voltage River is unique as we are an integrated engineering, construction and consulting company offering our clients a single source level of responsibility focused on reducing electric bills and increasing your bottom line, through Energy Efficiency /Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

Solar Power

There are many reasons that Solar Electric Systems have become main stream in the last few years. But none are more important to most buyers than costs and return on investment. To that end one must consider that the average power consumer pays the bill..